MAT- Quality "Made in Germany"

International Success for more than 15 years.

Reliable, cost-efficient service and products, on time and always of the highest quality.

For many years MAT Maschinen & Anlagen Technik GmbH has been a market leader in the modernization, repair and service of machine tools, to ensure the optimum efficiency and value of the equipment - eliminating costly unplanned down time and maintaining efficient operation.

The Quality and precision provided by MAT Maschinen & Anlagen Technik GmbH is unrivalled.

MAT Maschinen & Anlagen Technik GmbH has a track record spanning many years specializing in maintaining the utility value of all manufactures machine tools.  Upgrading conventional machine tools to the latest CNC technology is our strength, as well as engineering and maintenance of existing machinery, regardless if you require an engine repair, general overhaul or an upgrade of the control system - MAT Maschinen & Anlagen Technik GmbH offers support, innovation and technology second to none.

The main area of expertise of MAT Maschinen & Anlagen Technik GmbH is the support and service of Hoesch MFD Machines.  MAT Maschinen & Anlagen Technik GmbH is the only Company globally who is able to service, maintain and refurbish Hoesch MFD machines.

All rights to historical intellectual records are now solely owned by the “Maschinen und Anlage Technik GmbH” these include original, construction drawings and part lists, as well as The Master Hydrostatic worm required to produce and repair the precision gear racks.

We can also manufacture and supply all Hoesch MFD OEM spare parts.