Why retrofit and not a new machine?

MAT Maschinen & Anlagen Technik GmbH will adjust the machine according to your requirements, refurbish it and change defective parts. The price can be up to 50% of a new machine and the time saving can be up to 75%.

The cost to retrofit a machine is substantially cheaper then a new machine both in revenue and down time.

  • Increase of productivity
  • Increase of product quality
  • Retrofit of automatisation and control systems
  • Extension of working life
  • Fulfilment of legal  requirements (e.g. emission reduction policies and industrial safety)
  • Guaranteed spare parts availability
  • Update the machinery incorporating the industry standards and safety regulations
  • All retrofit work and parts are covered by a warranty similar to a new machine

A retrofit consists of the following actions:


All parts of the machine will be overhauled; defective parts will be replaced or repaired. The machine geometry will be reproduced and will be recorded in writing. The mechanical part of the machine will be modified using state of the art control systems. On completion of the overhaul MAT will give a guarantee similar to that of a new machine - spare part supply will have an availability for a minimum of 10 years.

The hydrostatical guide ways will be geometrical rebuilt and recorded.

The hydrostatic worm for the longitudinal drive of the supports and the gear racks will be reproduced using our “master tools”.

MAT are the only Company world wide, who can reproduce the accuracy of the hydrostatic guide ways in relation to the hydrostatic worm and gear racks – with expensive machinery only trust the experts!


Replacement of the existing control system with the latest generation of control systems, regardless what control system is currently used.

According to the requirements analog or digital technology can be used.

Hydraulic and hydrostatic:

All hydraulic components will be checked and replaced if required.

Your every need covered from one source - MAT Maschinen & Anlagen Technik GmbH.