150 Years of experience - Our strength, your benefit

Innovation from one source whether it be for repair work, general overhaul, changing a CNC control system, or for a specialized machine.

Founded in 1998 “MAT Maschinen und Anlage Technik GmbH” was formed by former  employees from Hoesch Maschinen Fabrik Deutschland AG (Hoesch MFD), a renowned company with a long standing history of quality and reputation – retaining all information, knowledge and experience. 

The employees of MAT Maschinen & Anlagen Technik GmbH have more than 150 years of experience ready to provide you with quality and expertise for all requirements.

Company - History


Formation of  MAT  „Maschinen und Anlagen Technik GmbH“ in Kamen


MAT acquired all original construction drawings and parts lists along with machine records, historical records
and detailed parts lists for all Hoesch MFD equipment since 1872


Transferring MAT Maschinen & Anlagen Technik GmbH from Kamen to Schwerte. Extended production and office facilities.


Development of a blading machine for Turbine shafts

  • Technical Details:
  • Maximum machinable diameter: 7.000 mm
  • Maximum Component weight: 400 ton


Move and relocate the biggest Hoesch MFD crankshaft lathe in Japan

  • turning diameter:  5.000mm
  • Max.work piece:250.000kg


Development of a heavy lathe machine with two supports.

  • Major drive power 765kW


Modernisation and retrofit of two Hoesch MFD Machines


Procurement, dismantling and transport of a Hoesch MFD lathe from Russia

  • turning diameter: 1800mm
  • maximum turning length: 12.000mm
  • The machine will be overhauled by MAT and fitted with an independent duel automatisation system and individual drive assemblies for the two supports
  • High-end water cooled servomotor for the supports and a  water cooling unit for the main control cabinet will be used.